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Commercial Project

Empresa  Khar (W)

Empresa is the destination to showcase a new level of excellence. To combat a new challenge of supremacy. To catapult into a new strata of respect. This marvel of 9-storey commercial complex located at Khar (west) in Mumbai, is set to be a corporate cult; with its highly premium location, impressive architecture, sprawling space, new-generation features and cutting-edge facilities.

Empresa is a commercial project comprising of basement parking, 2 levels of shopping and office spaces from 3rd to 9th floor. It has ample of parking space with podium parking on the 2nd floor. Located at 2nd Road, Opp. Municipal Market it has spacious offices to set your own space within.

Project Synopsis
Commercial Complex of 9 floors with 2 levels of Shopping

Site Address :
Located at 2nd Road, Khar (west), Mumbai.